Expert email marketers do these 7 things – do you?

July 25, 2013 admin

Compared to all of the social media options we have today, email marketing can seem pretty old school. However, in a 2013 survey, 92% of marketers said that email is producing or will produce a positive ROI for them. In this awesome KISSmetrics blog post, Michael Zipursky (@michaelzipursky) explains seven things that successful email marketers always do.

1. Format for mobile. If your emails don’t translate well to mobile, you’re making a huge mistake. BlueHornet found that 69.7% of consumers will immediately delete emails that look bad on their phones.

2. Segment your lists. Instead of using one massive email list, come up with smaller lists based on metrics like geography, purchase history, or demographics. This will let you personalize emails to each list, resulting in increased opens and clicks.

3. Play with formats and lengths. Test out different formats and lengths. Michael has found that short, text-based emails seem to perform better since they seem more personal and less commercial. However, this approach won’t work for everyone.

4. Include your personality somehow. Showing your or your company’s personality through your emails is key. Even just a friendly beginning can help your email stand out in a sea of boring newsletters.

5. Test your subject lines. Subject lines are important and, better yet, easy to test. Which email would you rather open – one titled “Do your landing pages pass the test?” or “A scientific way to increase your conversions”? The first title performed better by a landslide. Work on creating solid subject lines and testing them constantly.

6. Choose an email client with high deliverability. All email service providers are not created equal and some will not deliver your emails as well as others.

7. Test one thing at a time. If you test too many things at once, you’ll have no idea what’s actually creating change.

Michael links to some great resources, so make sure to check out the full post.


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