Exponential Industry Growth Breeds “Crazy” Innovations

May 7, 2014 Meghan


Every couple of decades a new mega trend comes around. As technology continues to develop at an exponential rate, the diversity of the industry will continue to follow suit. With government grants allowing small companies to compete in the market, new innovative ideas are spreading like wild fire – and wearable tech is this year’s hot topic of conversation.

The growth of the industry and the introduction of new wristbands, watches, gloves, glasses, helmets etc. has become a regular topic of conversation. However there is so much more to these devices than just a fancy look. These devices need to interact with not only your body and your operating system (iOS, Android, Windows), but they also need to interact seamlessly with our day-to-day activity – aiding the experience instead of hindering it. Something that Vancouver Company, Recon Instruments, knows all about.

The developers of the Snow2, Recon Instruments have successfully and seamlessly integrated wearable computers into both snowboarding goggles, and glasses, directly taking on the wildly scrutinized Google Glass.  The Snow2 allows you to track your speed through GPS and barometric pressure data, track your vertical feet ascended or descended, track your altitude, and gives you complete control of all your favorite tunes.

If you’re like us and like to spend time on the mountain, you know all to well how easy it is to lose a friend in the fog, trees or regular bustle of the hill. Cue Recon Instruments. Recon has taken into account that wearable tech has to seamlessly integrate and enhance the experience of your activities if it is to be useful. With the addition of features that allow you to track your friends or family, easily find points of interest, and–for the hard core–jump analytics that show airtime off of any kicker you may deem appropriate to throw your self off of.

It’s these small details that make the wearable tech market worth the $8.36 billion it’s estimated to be worth by 2018. For Recon Instruments, Vancouver was not just the perfect place to test their wearable tech; the city offers a vast array of experienced professionals to teach any aspiring startup entrepreneur the ropes. Places like Code Core Bootcamp offer full and part-time training with the intent of teaching the next generation of Software Developers.  With companies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter in town, and local success stories like Hootsuite, there is no shortage of community or investors looking for the next big thing. Here are 12 Reasons to Join Vancouvers Tech Revolution in 2014.

The future of tech has been predicted correctly and incorrectly for years.  There soon could be wearable tech that regulates itself according to body temperature, purify the air around us, and perhaps even be integrated into our clothing (See: 10 wearable Tech Trends to Watch). It may even begin to transcend the biological border and edge ever closer to the dreaded tech implants we keep hearing about (like this brain radio). There is no limit to what the visionaries of our time can imagine, and there is no slowing down the exponential growth of innovation.

As Steve Jobs Famously said, “Here’s to the crazy ones.”

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