Forget Gatorade. Wearables Are The Sports Industry’s New Secret Sauce  

July 16, 2014 Meghan



In the high stakes world of professional sports, teams are always on the lookout for tools that will give them the edge over the competition – and wearables are the secret sauce that they’ve been waiting for.


Thanks to the latest technology, coaches and training staff are now able to monitor player-positioning data, cardiovascular activity, and optimize sleep patterns – boosting game play, and honing an athlete’s sports instinct.


While in the past coaches could only analyze player and team performance via on field observations or post-match video footage, it is now possible in real-time and with incredible detail. With new wearable technology that is integrated into player uniforms (from companies such as OmSignal and Under Armour), coaches can now accurately track field location, distance, speed and direction of an athlete’s movement. Technology is giving teams an added edge to optimize traditional performance.


However monitoring field positioning isn’t the only way that wearable tech is revolutionizing the sports industry. Wearables also provide coaches and training staff with the data they need to optimize a player’s recovery. With tech like, the Misfit Shine, training staff are now able to monitor a player’s nutrition, cardiovascular activity, and sleep patterns – a development that is giving trainers the ability to maximize a player’s muscle recovery and growth.


Wearable tech is one of the greatest advancements to the sports industry in recent years. The tech is a game-changer that will not only effect how the game is played, but also the health and safety of the players that play it (check out MC10/Reebok’s head impact indicator, CHECKLIGHT if you need proof). As more and more professional teams embrace the technology, the sports that we all love to watch will become faster, stronger, and more refined. Are you ready for the future of sports?


We want to know what you think: Tell us how you think wearable trends will impact the future of activity and sports and you could WIN a Misfit Shine for yourself.


Comment below for your chance! We’ll be selecting a winner Friday, July 25th.


Misfit Shine

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