Google Enters the Wearable Race: Are Apple and Microsoft too late?

March 20, 2014 Meghan


Google officially entered the wearable market when it unveiled its first piece of wearable technology for its Android system this past Tuesday (March 18th). The device, (a digital watch) is the first product in Google’s new Android Wear project, and can tell the time alongside a host of interactive features which aim to serve people with timely information.

As reported by, Marketing Magazine the Internet giant released the news with a promotional video and the strapline: “Information that moves you”– leaving many questioning when Apple and Microsoft will join the health and fitness party.

Google is the first of the 3 core tech companies, (joined by Apple and Microsoft) to release their consumer-focused wearable technology; but its not the first to enter the wearable market.

It is believed that Apple will reveal its rumored Healthbook at its Worldwide Developers Conference, while Microsoft has already tried to compete with its Bing brand. But as Ian Brennan at Marketing Magazine points out, “(Google has) set the benchmark very high” with this release.

Only time will tell if Apple and Microsoft are in fact too late, but one thing’s for sure–with Google working with a range of consumer electronics manufacturers on the development of the new watches and Apple’s release on the horizon–this summer is poised to be a healthy one.


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