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July 26, 2014 deblanda

A robotic baby-gear entrepreneur whose inventions would make ‘Iron Man’ Tony Stark sit up and take notice; a hardware innovator who got kicked off Kickstarter and still crowdfunded over $2 million (and counting); a whiz kid who told Harvard he had better things to do, so he could pursue his startup dream that just picked up $50 million in a new round of funding. What do these folks and other tech stars have in common? They’re all coming to Whistler to talk at the GROW conference – and you could be here to talk with them.

These brilliant entrepreneurs are helping technology transform our daily lives, from how we get into our front door to getting our kids to school or making sure you never miss another meeting, ever.

At the GROW conference, see how these top tech pioneers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders are solving some of our most common everyday problems through the magic of technology. Learn how they did it – and get inspired:


ChrisBruce_400x400Chris Bruce, CEO, Sproutling:

Sproutling produces wearable baby monitors giving parents real-time insight into their infant’s vital signs, texting mom and dad while the little one naps – a vitally successful idea that earned $2.6 million in funding from Lemnos Labs. The Lean Entrepreneur Chris Bruce has deep roots in Silicon Valley and has helped push technology initiatives for corporate big hitters like Morgan Stanley, Electronic Arts and many others. Catch him on a panel exploring how data science can help predict and change behavior in ways never before possible.

MikaelBerner_400x400Mikael Berner, Founder & CEO, EasilyDo

More than 6,000 5-star reviews later, Mikael Berner’s latest venture, EasilyDo is making success look easy. Don’t be fooled: to get to this level, it takes extraordinary business acumen, experience and a tolerance for risk that would leave more fainthearted competitors in the dust. Mikael has plenty of success stories and battle scars from over 20 years of leading, founding and moving ventures forward in the tech sector to successful exits, as when he sold BeVocal for $140M to Nuance after growing it into a leading on-demand speech solution. Revolutionary technology changes are coming that might just super-charge your life – and Mikael can tell you all about it.

Jeff Hagins 400x400

Jeff Haggins, Founder & CTO, SmartThings

Samsung, who recently acquired SmartThings for around $200 million, is putting the former Kickstarter project funded to the tune of $1.2 million into the big time. Between Google’s Nest, Apple’s Smartkit and now Samsung, it’s clear that the battle for the home is just heating up. SmartThings, which lets you control your smart home with a few clicks from your mobile device, was listed as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the Internet of Things’ by Fast Company. There’s huge demand for connected homes and the next stage of startups will focus on the apps that build off of these popular kinds of platforms. Jeff can tell you where it’s all headed.


Cameron Robertson, Co-Founder, Lockitron

When they tried to take their simple-but-effective keyless entry solution, Lockitron directly to the masses through Kickstarter, the crowdfunding magnet told them to get lost. Undeterred, they gambled with a different kind of crowdfunding model. Hoping to get a modest $150,000 in pre-orders for their humble startup, they’ve been deluged with over $2 million in orders. It’s not all smooth sailing, though. Building software is hard, but building software and hardware is even more complex. Cameron can tell you about the challenges of getting to where they are and where they’re headed. They’ve shipped their product and now getting valuable feedback daily.

Robert Daley 400x400

Robert Daley, CEO, 4Moms

Forget Iron Man and the Terminator; the future is here and it’s in your baby’s stroller. Robert Daley’s company 4Moms that is seeing exponential growth has redefined the baby gear industry with advanced robotics. They’re doing amazing things – but Silicon Valley wouldn’t give them the time of day when they were starting out. They took their business elsewhere and won big: Baine Capital Ventures saw the potential, plunking down $20 million on this company that has quietly gone on to build a company that has pioneered an Agile methodology for Lean hardware development.



Chris Hulls, Co-Founder & CEO, Life360

This company has come a long way since they got their first funding, a $275,000 grant as a winner of Google’s 2008 Android Developer Challenge. That seemed like big money then, but the newest round of investor funding effectively values Life360 at $250 million. Chris Hulls started up what is now the world’s largest family network by leaving Harvard behind, but like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other famous Ivy League drop-outs. Life360 was an underdog, seen by some as a niche location sharing app, but Chris and his team understood its true potential – they’ve seen a massive spike in the last 2 years and signups have grown to more than 340 million families.


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