Is Digital Disruption the End of Business?

August 13, 2014 Meghan


Brian Solis is the closest thing we have to a digital rock star. He is the Jedi master of digital disruption who’s lectures and books have been seen and read by millions. But what is digital disruption? Who has it already affected? And how will this exponential growth affect the future of business?


In laments terms, digital disruption is the changes made by technologies. These changes occur at a pace and magnitude that disrupt established ways, social interactions, and thinking. They change our values to the core, and as consumers they have a profound effect on our everyday lives.


The reality is that we already live and compete in a society that evolves faster than we can adapt. Large companies like Blockbuster and Borders have already closed their doors, with giants like the iTunes Store and Netflix taking their place. Technology giants like Research in Motion aren’t even safe from the onslaught of the exponential digital evolution. Bricks and mortar businesses are either having to shut their doors, or adapt to an online world to avoid becoming obsolete.


So what does that mean for the future of business? Well according to Brian Solis it all comes down to the shared experience. As Brian points out, “It is these shared experiences that can often trump your product or service”. Something Sol Republic excels at.


Sol Republic co-founder and CMO, Seth Combs recognized that a customers purchasing decision is driven by emotional thinking. By building experiences instead of products, Sol Republic has been able to create an emotional connection with their customers, and sell a great deal of product while they’re at it.


In a marketplace saturated with products, it’s the marketers who connect with their consumers on an emotional level that get ahead. Sharing and showcasing the experiences of the product and the brand is more important than ever before. Brands can no longer slap a label on the packing with a few graphics and call it a day. It’s the story and the motive behind the business that gets them ahead.


The future of business will be built on shared experiences, so the big question is: how will you share yours to inspire your audience?


To learn more about Brian Solis, the future of business and digital disruption, check out the trailer for his new book: End of Business; and don’t miss him when he speaks at GROW Conference in Whistler August 20-22nd.


Source: Brian Solis




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