Is Google Glass Sparking A Regressive Tech Trend?

May 21, 2014 Meghan

Google Glass

Just like the explorers who forged this great land–engineering iron and steel bands connecting east to west, pillaging curiosity from innocent onlookers and challenging the status quo all in the name of progress–Google is pioneering the future, and you to can join them by entering the coveted ranks of their “Glass Explorers” program.

But is Glass right for you? Early landing of the tech has met Google Glass explorers with criticism, and violence. Numerous reports have surfaced of unprovoked attacks on users. Google is well aware of the public’s fear that comes with this wearable tech, and have laid out some suggestions for wearers:

  1. Don’t wear it and expect to be ignored. Lets hope you don’t loathe the spotlight because you will get stopped on the street.
  2. Don’t be a Glasshole. Keep the fact that you’re forging the future on your face to your self. Nobody wants to feel like his or her brand new $500 iPad mini is obsolete. And when the lower ‘tech’ class is asked to turn off their phone, make sure you do the same.
  3. Glass-out. The Glass was not designed to binge information. That’s what Netflix is for. Get in, get the information you need, and get out.

Check out the full list of do’s and don’t here.

‘Explorer’ Connor Simpson said, “Glass sold me on the concept of getting in and getting out. Glass helped me appreciate what a monster I have become, tethered to the thing in my pocket. I’m too absent”– and I, for one would love to not be so reliant on my cell phone.

So will Google Glass bring back the lost art of meaningful conversation? Is there a reckoning against smartphones coming? Probably not. But could we see a regressive tech trend happen over the next few years? Yes we most certainly could. Apps like Snapchat and Vine already appeal to our short attention spans, so perhaps Google Glass will do the same. The big question is, is this a good thing?

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