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July 26, 2013 admin

AC2If you want to score a face-to-face meeting with someone busy, you might be inclined to write out a lengthy email asking for some time to meet at their convenience. Don’t. You need to send a brief, specific email and Cindy Alvarez (@cindyalvarez) has three awesome tips for requesting (and getting) a face-to-face meeting. Include the following 3 (and only the following 3) things in your email:

1. Tell them who you are. 

Who are you? Do you have any connection to this person? How did you find them? Do you have any interests or companies in common? Keep it brief!

2. Tell them what you want.

Why would they want to meet with you if they don’t know what you want? So be honest and upfront. Do you want them to review a document for you? Do you want their advice in a specific field? Let them know- this will help them know if they can even help you.

3. Tell them when and where you can meet.

Give a few options for dates, times, and locations. Cindy suggests coming up with 2-3 suggestions and then including your availability. If none of your options work, this gives them the chance to suggest something. Here’s her example:

I’d love to get a half-hour of your time to talk over coffee.  Does one of these suggestions work for you?

  • 9:30am on Tues, May 10 at Greenhouse Cafe in West Portal [yelp link]
  • 3pm on Thurs, May 12 at Farley’s Coffeehouse in Potrero Hill [yelp link]
  • 11:30am on Fri, May 13 at Starbucks near the Metreon [yelp link]
  • Feel free to suggest another time — my limitation is that I don’t have a car, but I can get anywhere within San Francisco between 9am-4pm.

Don’t forget to send a quick thank you note after!

Check out the rest of Cindy’s post for more examples.

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