Maverick or Journeyman? Find the right salesperson for your startup

July 24, 2013 admin

Mark Suster noticed that most startups are founded by product managers, engineers, or biz dev people, with a notable absence of anyone who truly understand sales. To help startups understand what to look for in a salesperson, he came up with this matrix. Check it out and read more below.

Salesperson matrix

Journeymen are totally process driven. They are the kings and queens of and they are methodical, precise, and focused. However, they lack the spark that excellent salespeople are known for. They don’t like to take chances, which is why Mark doesn’t think they are the right fit for early-stage startups.

On the other hand, mavericks are everything journeymen aren’t. Sales are intuitive to them – they just know how to navigate a sales campaign. They do not follow processes, but they know what to do to make big sales. Since they veer away from methods and processes, they wouldn’t make great sales leaders. However, they can be huge assets in the early stages of any company.

Superstars are the best of both worlds – they have an innate understanding of sales and a love for structure. The best time to hire a superstar is once you understand your market, have a product you can sell, and have a team with a few mavericks and journeymen. The superstar will be able to pull everything together.

You’ll find trouble when you come across someone who isn’t process-oriented or naturally gifted. Don’t hire this person to do your sales.

Read the whole article at Mark’s blog, Both Sides of the Table.

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