These are the Influencers you need to meet at the GROW Conference.

July 26, 2014 deblanda

Robert Scoble probably has about 400,000 more Twitter followers than you, and has interviewed more startups that anyone in the world. Porter Gale may have forgotten more about brand marketing than you’ll ever know in your lifetime. The brainy Brian Zisk is probably on a first name basis with some of your favorite top-100 billboard stars – and he can name all of the tech tools they use to reach fans like you every day. From contextual computing to the Internet of Things, online marketing, privacy, crowdfunding and more, influencers like these are the go-to thought leaders in the tech industry. They’re evangelists, influencers and entrepreneurs all rolled into one – and here’s your chance to learn from them directly at the GROW Conference.

Bend your brain with panels, talks and informal chats with the folks who haven’t just been there and done that, but who can tell you where it’s all going. The GROW Conference presents a veritable king’s court of tech’s top influencers:


Robert Scoble 611x383
Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer
, Rackspace

Context-aware computing turns how we use technology on its head; it senses what we want and give us options we didn’t even know were possible. It’s the latest thing and Robert Scoble gets it; a rock star of the tech world, he made his mark at Microsoft before winning fame and for the ideas he shares to countless blog readers and Twitter followers. Working today with the #1-managed cloud company in the world, famously branded for its “fanatical support”, Scoble sees and experiences world-class startups up close. If you’re into tech as an entrepreneur, developer or investor, you already know Scoble: his ideas on this latest computing revolution are not to be missed.


BrianSolis_400x400Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

From the Wall Street Journal and Billboard Magazine to countless conferences and boardrooms and water coolers, the groundbreaking research Altimeter Group does into social media and disruptive technologies is the talk of the town. Bestselling author Brian Solis alone has nearly 22,000 Twitter followers who covet his succinct wisdom; Altimeter Group’s latest report, The 2014 State of Digital Transformation is a must-read report helping strategists drive digital transformation in their organizations; it’s something that most companies are only now getting a handle on.


Brian Zisk, Creator
, SF MusicTech Summit

How can music labels still make an honest buck as iTunes, Spotify and Shazam change up the old business model? Can online music streaming and traditional radio coexist? How do music festivals and social media help us “find our tribe?” The SF MusicTech Summit brings together the most innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs and makers in the music industry from around the world, to help make sense of an industry where established players and big-name artists can feel like they’re playing musical chairs. Brian Zisk is in tune with these jazz-like improvisational changes in the industry and sees how startups and investors alike can win big by playing new kinds of tunes.
Porter Gale 400x400
Porter Gale, Author
, Former VP Marketing for Virgin America 

How do you engage your audience? In an age of social media and cross-platform marketing, it’s the multi-million dollar question. The author of “Your Network is Your Net Worth” has got the answers. “How we work, along with the role of the employer, has been completely transformed,” she writes. In an age of uncertainty, the ones with the biggest networks are the most adaptable to downswings and also the ones best equipped to ride high when the going gets good. Recognized with the Changing the Game Award by the Advertising Women of New York, AdAge’s Digital Hotlist and too many other lists to count, she’s made her name across the brand marketing game. Interested in getting answers to your own multi-million dollar questions? She can help.

Rafe Needleman 400x400

Rafe Needleman, Editorial Director, Yahoo Tech News

Yahoo Tech News remains simply one of the most recognizable, authoritative sources of tech news on the planet; serving up trending news, columns, reviews and more, it stands out in a tech news environment otherwise dominated by “gearheads”, focusing on what colleague David Pogue calls “the human side of tech”. Yahoo Tech News’ Editorial Director has one of the most recognizable, authoritative names in tech journalism – and at GROW, he’ll share unbeatable insights from over 2 decades in tech journalism about how startups can leverage new platforms.
AsifKhan_400x400Asif Khan, Founder & President, LBMA

“Checking in?” Hotels used to have a lock on that phrase. Now you can “check in” anywhere. From FourSquare and Facebook to Instagram and online ad networks, we’re making sure everyone knows where we are at all times. Privacy? What’s that worth, when we can get free swag and discounts? Companies are increasingly looking to these kinds of location-based marketing options: enter, the Location Based Marketing Association, the brainchild of brainy Asif Khan. Comprised of mobile, out-of-home, digital and print advertisers, this network is now the go-to hub for location based marketing information and strategy. Now’s your chance to check into this growing tech niche at the GROW Conference.


Sutha Kamal, Entrepreneur in Residence
, Technicolor Ventures

Mobile apps. The Internet of Things. Wearable tech. When it comes to the top trending technologies that entrepreneurs and investors are all about, Sutha Kamal has the expertise and experience that few possess. He was a founder of Massive Health that sold to Jawbone, and worked at Foursquare, Flickr and more. “This intense focus on the wrist is distracting us from the real magic that the Internet of things will bring us,” Sutha points out. In the near future, we won’t need to interact with anything to make the technology do something. He can tell you how it’s going to happen.


Frederick Lardinois

Frederic Lardinois, Writer, TechCrunch

Whether it’s the big new startup that just took in $200 million in venture capital, an invention that’s going to change human civilization, or the latest corporate shakeup in Silicon Valley, you probably heard about it first on TechCrunch. Frederic reports on emerging technologies coming out of brand-new startups and major innovations by the titans of tech. He might just be one of the most informed, plugged-in, engaging influencer you’re likely to meet at the GROW conference. Turn the tables on him as you get to ask him the questions.


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