This Is What The World’s First 3D Printed House Looks Like

March 17, 2014 Meghan

3D Print Canal House from 3D Print Canal House on Vimeo.


Proving the future is upon us, a team of Dutch architects are using the world’s largest 3D printer to build the first 3D house.

As part of an evolving demonstration project, the architects are fabricating pieces of a canal house out of plastic with a giant 3D printer. The printer, (coined Kamermaker, or “room-builder”) is a scaled-up version of the open-source home 3D printer made by Ultimaker and stands 20 feet tall.

The structure is being printed in sections – with Kamermaker printing blocks that are then slotted together like oversized Lego. The first block printed weighs 400 lbs.

Each block takes 1-week to print and will eventually be filled with a foam material, (still under development) that will harden like concrete to add additional weight and bind the blocks together.

For more on this innovative project, check out the full story via TIME.

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