Who’s looking to invest in the next billion dollar company?

July 26, 2014 deblanda

Who’s looking to invest in the next billion dollar company? Here’s the investors you need to meet at GROW.

Crowdfunding may be unlocking seed capital for big ideas all around us, but it’s a bit harder to Kickstart a multi-million (or billion) dollar blockbuster. In fact, corporate venture capital rocketed up to the $3 billion mark in the first quarter of 2014; big money plays are all around us, funding disruptive technologies that are reshaping how we work, play and live.

What do the VC’s know that we don’t? Where can investors look for the next big win – and how do they mitigate against betting the farm on a back-of-the napkin idea that’s just a little bit too much ahead of its time? As technology starts to take on the appearance of magic, how do savvy investors tell the difference between big dreams and pipe dreams?

At the GROW conference, you’re going to meet the big names behind the biggest brands in tech. Now meet the investment wizards who are helping turn today’s startups into tomorrow’s giants:


ReneeDiResta_400x400Renee DiResta, Principal, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

This firm has a diverse portfolio, ranging from 3D Robotics’ DIY drones to Cover’s app that makes dining seamless and Misfit Wearables’ beautifully-designed tracking tech. They’re savvy investors in some of the fastest-growing names in tech, but they’re no angels. They’re not on the plane of venture capitalists, either. O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures is all about the sweet spot in between, providing seed capital of $250,000 to $2 million to aspiring firms that already have a product, or at least a prototype, that’s ready to go to market.


Kristina Bergman, Principal, Ignition Partners

Couchbase offers one of the most sophisticated database platforms around and is beating some of the biggest companies in the world at their own game. Bluestacks helps bring mobile gaming to TV. SnapLogic is a leader in Elastic Integration, named a winner in the AlwaysOn Global 250 Competition. These stellar startups and more are just a small sampling of the portfolio of Ignition Partners, a boutique early stage capital firm that punches far above its weight.


Katherine Barr 400x400
Katherine Barr, Partner
Mohr Davidow Ventures

Venture capital firms don’t come with much bigger brand names than Mohr Davidow Ventures. This A-list firm that has invested in high-flying companies including Brocade, Rocket Fuel and Shutterfly. They put their money – and expertise, where their mouth is, frequently involved in multi-million dollar deals with companies on the leading edge of web-enabled tech firms, mobile apps, media companies and more, including Vancouver’s own superstar company, BuildDirect.


Rob Coneybeer400x400
Rob Coneybeer
, Shasta Ventures

Is Rob lucky or good? He was one of the fist investors in Nest that sold to Google for $3B,  he’s in Relay Rides and many of the other hot startups in the valley. Disruptive technologies in consumer tech, enterprise software, mobile and more are changing how we live and do business – and they make darn good investments. They all start with a seed and Shasta Ventures has made a name for itself as a boutique Silicon Valley investment firm that gets in early on these kinds of extraordinary companies. Rob is a passionate, engaging member of this driven firm, whether he’s connecting with innovative tech developers in the firms they fund, or blogging his special insights to the wider marketplace of ideas.


Charles Hudson, Partner
, SoftTech VC

SoftTech’s latest funding vehicle will invest $85 million in 50 companies over 3 years. Over the last decade, they’ve funded 150 early-stage companies in the consumer Internet space – and plenty of those bets have been big winners. They’ve seen more than companies generate $2 billion in exits. Over 95 of their funded companies have gone on to raise over $2 billion in follow-on financing. They’re on top of their game – and Charles Hudson can tell you how to play to win.


ChristineHerron_400x400Christine Herron, Director, Intel Capital

Go big or go home. Over more than two decades, Intel Capital has invested more than $11 billion, in over 1,370 companies, in 55 countries. From hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise to mobility, consumer Internet, digital media and more, there’s not a trending area of tech where they haven’t made their presence felt. Intel Capital is the 800-lb gorilla in the world of venture capital, making big plays that have profoundly impacted how business operates today.


At the GROW Conference, learn from the biggest names in Venture Capital about the billion-dollar investments of tomorrow


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